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Meet the staff of

Kidz Day Out!


Maya Walker



Maya Walker co-founded Kidz Day Out Inc . in 2010 in Anniston AL. She is originally from Flint, MI, she relocated to Anniston AL , in 2005. Maya posses a passion for improving the lives of  our youth.


Maya  earned a degree in electronics technology from C.S.  Mott College, graduation in 2001. She currently lives in Anniston,  AL  with her husband and two kids.





Safira English-Sims

Vice President:


Safira English-Sims is the Vice President of Kidz Day Out Inc. She is a wife, a mother, and a serial entrepreneur.


Safira attended grade school in the Anniston Alabama. She lives in what was considered the low income area of the city where there were a lot of crimes, hardships, and adversities. It is during those times she became interested in helping others that were less fortunate like herself. She wanted to challenge people to look beyond their circumstances. 


Safira attended high school at AHS in Anniston. She was a proud member of Future Business Leaders of America and the Science Club. She was also involved in different sports and activates. Some of those activities were running track and being a member of the varsity cheerleaders team. 


After graduating, she attend Ayers Community School where she received her Associates Degree and became a licensed cosmetologist. Safira is an experienced supervisor who now travels the world and aim to inspire people to do the unthinkable, encourage people to live the life they dream of, and lend a helping hand to those in need.



Tiffani Franks

Treasurer & Secretary


Tiffani Franks Bagley is a native to Anniston, Alabama. She is a single parent of two wonderful boys. Tiffani thrives on overcoming obstacles and creating new avenues to financial freedom. 


Tiffani is currently climbing the ranks of leadership within Mary Kay Cosmetics. She has empowered more than 50 women to step out on faith and live their best life. She has helped women achieve their GED, while managing to be a single parent and develop employable life skills. Tiffani is also a scholar in the world of Business Management, with accolades from both for profit and non- profit organizations.


Tiffani continues to spread her knowledge through participation with various nonprofit organizations such as the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) and Kidz Day Out Incorporated as well as working as a teacher in urban city schools.


Tiffani currently holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management, a Master's degree in Public Administration, and a Master's of Arts in Education in Mathematics.  Tiffani's life motto is to shoot for the moon and even if you miss you will land amongst the stars.

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