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Our mission is to motivate, encourage, and empower kids to begin planning for future accomplishments.


To empower students that regardless of their background, their future is possible through education and hard work.


We would like to empower them to become future leaders of the world.


Kidz Day Out Inc. is a nonprofit 501C (3) organization founded on November 15, 2010.





Our goal is to enhance family and community involvement through exposure and planning of hands on activities and in collaboration with family, love ones, as well as community stakeholders.



Who We Serve


KIDZ Day Out caters to the local youth ages 0-18.





We provide our youth with different types of skills, education, and funds to become whatever they choose to be in life. Kids will have exposure to positive role models, money management skills, heath information, and an opportunity for family interaction.



We Believe


Nothing can stop our youths from achieving their goals!

Our mission is to motivate, encourage and empower KIDZ for the future!

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